It shouldn’t be difficult!

Due to technical difficulties I tried to post this from the airport yesterday but that didn’t happen! I also had a three hour flight delay, my puppy is still at the dog-sitter’s and I am under water at work! This will be another double-post day, but just pretend you are reading this yesterday 🙂

If you aren’t like me- Type-A meal-planner who writes out dinner menus & grocery lists, shops once per week, and preps ahead of time- eating healthy can be confusing. What should I eat, what shouldn’t I eat? If I don’t want to meal plan, what the heck do I buy??

There is no definitive answer to this as it all depends on your personal tastes. However, I’d like to provide some guidance on foods you should feel free to eat every day and others that maybe you should cut back on. I will also provide how I incorporate or don’t incorporate these foods! Looks like I have my grocery list planned out for me already then, right?

Every day, you should eat dark, leafy greens (like spinach which is the base of my salad for lunch every day), nuts (I eat them as a snack or sometimes with breakfast), carrots (in my salad and sometimes as part of dinner), green tea (I have a mug either pre- or post-lunch), whole grains (occasionally with breakfast and sometimes with dinner), and fruit (occasionally with breakfast and as snacks).

Whole grains are rich in fiber and will keep you fuller longer- we talked about this when I shared with you ways to ADD to your diet instead of subtract. The healthiest whole grains you should be eating are whole wheat (like in sprouted wheat bread), whole oats like in oatmeal, brown rice, whole rye, freekeh, whole-grain barley (beer doesn’t count), buckwheat, bulgur, quinoa, whole wheat couscous and corn. Nuts are a great source of protein and contain many other awesome benefits- almonds and pistachios are the healthiest choices but every kind of nut brings some benefit to the table. Greatist has a great infographic to help you decipher. Greens & carrots are both vegetables that are low in calories and chock-full of vitamins and minerals, as are fruits and green tea. They are especially high in antioxidants that can help you live longer!

Once you’ve hit those bases, then there are the foods you should aim to eat a few times a week. Those are yogurt (I opt for low-fat plain Greek yogurt as a snack or part of breakfast), cauliflower & broccoli (usually part of a dinner recipe), sweet potatoes (also usually part of a dinner recipe), avocados (I have to sit this one out- I hate them), oily fish (honestly, most oily fish I can’t stand the taste of besides tuna so I choose tuna as much as I can when out to eat if it’s affordable), and tofu (if I brought tofu home my BF probably would strike so I don’t have much experience cooking with it but everyone should experiment!) Obviously, everyone is going to have their likes and dislikes and also you need to mix it up a bit. I don’t eat broccoli and cauliflower every week, but if you’re having trouble getting started with a meal-plan those are great veggies to start with as they have tons of antioxidants. If you like salmon and sardines, eat them!! They’re high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are so good for your heart & skin. About once a month, I’ll splurge on smoked salmon to scramble into my eggs- I can’t stand cooked salmon. Tofu is a great low calorie protein source that is crucial if you’re vegetarian or don’t eat red meat. Yogurt is also a great protein source and has calcium for your bones.

Foods you should limit to about once a week include red meat, white starch (like that croissant splurge at brunch), desserts and alcohol. Remember my alcohol ban? Maybe it’ll be more like a drink a week limitation…Love it, savor it, and be smart about your portions. But remember this also means that YES you are allowed to have a dessert once a week! And no, I don’t mean fruit. Personally, I would choose something low-sugar which might mean making something homemade, or there are tons of lists on-line of healthy, low-calorie, packaged desserts at the grocery store (except follow my rule below).

Now the foods you should never eat- just cut them out! They have no place in a healthy diet. Soda, processed meals, canned soups, or anything labeled “diet”. Sodas, diet drinks or diet foods mostly contain artificial sweeteners- these may be even more addictive than real sugar! (See yesterday’s post.) Canned soups and processed meals usually have sodium levels FAR beyond what you should be consuming in a day and can lead to bloat. So I hope this provides some guidance and for those of us who have maybe veered off the healthy eating road- like me after last weekend!!


Sunday’s food journal

Breakfast- We went to Union Fare for brunch. I had coffee and then my friend and her boyfriend split 3 “smash toasts” with me. Then I had a breakfast sandwich with chicken sausage, egg and cheese on a cinnamon roll.

Dinner- A 12 inch white pizza at Speedy Romeo’s (didn’t eat most of the crust). Then we went to 10 below Ice Cream which is a Thai-style ice cream roll shop and got the Nutella-banana flavor with pretzels and whipped cream that we shared. 


Sugar low

For many years, fat was the enemy of diets. Low fat was the way to go with everything! Then carbs became the enemy and gluten-free was the way to be. The new culprit of expanding waistlines everywhere? SUGAR. And this bad guy actually holds true. Sugar is actually disturbingly bad for you. And you need to put a cap on it if you want to lose weight. Now, if it’s like we’ve discussed before, something that contains NATURAL sugar like fruit that you’re subbing for chocolate for dessert or even milk, that’s different. Those foods also contain other great things like fiber, antioxidants and protein. What we are talking about here is refined sugar- that can make you hungrier and also cause bloat. Any foods that have any form of sugar (anything ending in -ose, especially fructose) high on the list should be cut back on. It’s gotten to the point where I have cut back on sugar so much that when I DO indulge, my stomach totally revolts and that cupcake or cookie isn’t as appealing anymore.

So why is added sugar now the single worst ingredient in the modern diet?

Well, for one, it literally contains ZERO essential nutrients. Not a one. They are totally empty calories- no protein, fats, vitamins, minerals- just energy that gets used up super quickly. Who uses this energy? Surprisingly, one of the users of that energy is bad bacteria in your mouth! That’s why sugar is so bad for your teeth and why candy can lead to cavities.

Sugar is especially bad for your liver- fructose overloads it and that can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Sugar can also cause insulin resistance which is the first step towards metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other fun diseases! Type II diabetes is especially prevalent in chronically elevated blood sugars. Sugar can also give you cancer, promote fat & contribute to obesity, raise your cholesterol and give you heart disease. All of this, PLUS it’s majorly addictive! (Thank you to Authority Nutrition for this information!)

So what’s the end game here? I feel pretty hypocritical writing this post after a weekend of indulging in all kinds of sugar-laden treats. But we all slip up. We all have the urge to give into temptation and sometimes we do! It isn’t the end of the world. But overall, reducing your sugar intake is a way for a longer, healthier life. While I have definitely been partaking in sweets this weekend, I don’t have donuts or a bowl of sugary cereal every day for breakfast. I don’t even put sugar in my coffee! Cutting back on things such as muffins, ice cream, etc and reading nutrition labels to make sure sneaky sources of sugar aren’t making their way into your diet is a huge first step in doing that. Soon, I’m going to have a surefire way for you make a huge change in that regard, but since we’re all about the baby steps here, just start being aware of the sugar you consume and make a conscientious choice, one day at a time, to reduce the amount.

Sorry for the double posts today!! NYC is getting the better of me! 



Gimme it! All the time- except after 2 PM because then I will NEVER go to sleep.

If you’ve wondered why I have even a little bit of coffee before my morning workout, it’s because it helps me push myself harder and longer, WITHOUT ME EVEN REALIZING IT. So my tip is to drink something caffeinated- coffee or tea- 30 minutes before a workout. It’s also great for stimulating your digestive tract to get things moving to ease bloat (you all know where I’m going with this right? It makes you poop!)

This is one of the many reasons why morning workouts are best for me- I’m usually so tired by the end of the day after work and if I had caffeine then, I would never get to sleep as I am fairly caffeine sensitive. So give this trick a try and let me know if you see any difference in your workouts.


Friday’s food journal

Breakfast- 2 eggs and English muffin with peanut butter


Mid morning snack- Greek yogurt with strawberries and flax 

Lunch- salad

Green tea

Mid afternoon snack- Clif bar 

Dinner- we ate at the airport. I had three mini brownies at the Admirals Club then we went to a restaurant where we shared “dirty Mac and cheese” with pulled pork (I totally forgot it was a Friday) and then split a turkey sandwich and a burger. I only ate half my fries on the side. Then when we got into the city one of my best friends had gotten Magnolia Bakery banana pudding and chocolate banana pudding so I had a bowl of that, 3/4 of a bottle of champagne and two glasses of Chenin Blanc. Didn’t feel too great the next day.

Saturday’s food journal 

Breakfast- we went to Ess-a-bagel, arguably one of the best bagel places in NYC. I got a whole wheat bagel with herb cream cheese and lox and then we split a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese- totally unnecessary. I had a coffee in the hotel room and then we went to a coffee shop where I had a coffee with skim milk and Splenda.

We started drinking around 1 PM- it was cold and snowy/rainy and we weren’t in the mood to go to a museum so what else are you supposed to do?! Not sit in the hotel. We got bloody Marys at Lexington Brass then went to La Cava for their All you can drink brunch drink special- I had three bellinis, half a Bloody Mary, and a sea breeze. 

Dinner- we went to The Smile with two other couples. We got some starters to share and then I had a roasted vegetables with quinoa entree. Two cocktails with dinner. Then three glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and a shot of tequila  at the bar afterwards. It’s really embarrassing to write all these drinks down- I feel like an alcoholic and I’m ready to give it up for awhile. 


I didn’t want to say it

It’s Fridayyyyy!!! And as another weekend approaches, especially a VACATION weekend, I have a feeling I know what I will have to do come Monday.


I’m not talking about a 10 day juice cleanse. I’m not talking about sweating it out in a sauna. I’m talking about…banning the bottle.

Yes. Limiting alcohol consumption. Hey, listen, I’ve loved having a glass of red wine every night. And I probably will be back in that habit in the near future! It’s not realistic to say you’re going to give it up forever. But right now, when you’re trying to beat bloat and ditch those last few stubborn pounds especially before a big event- alcohol should be the first thing to go.


Booze affects EVERYTHING. It can cause you to eat more (both because it stokes your appetite and because it suppresses your “I shouldn’t do that” reflex), many alcohols hold empty calories or are paired with mixes that contain empty calories, and it can affect your sleep- ever wonder why you wake up super early in the morning after a night of drinking and can’t go back to sleep? Alcohol!

For example, last weekend, I had one too many drinks on Saturday night and woke up with a raging hangover. Headache, dehydration, the intense desire to inhale every fat & carb in sight. Did I make it to the gym that day? Of course not!!  If you cut back on alcohol, you will sleep better which will make it more likely that you will go to the gym. If you aren’t tired and you’ve been to the gym, you will most likely make better food choices. If you make better food choices and get to the gym, you will sleep better that night. And the cycle continues! Sure, one or two drinks a night probably won’t have a huge effect on those things I just mentioned but it will cut a couple hundred calories from your day- something crucial at certain points on your weight loss journey (do I sound like I’m on The Bachelor yet?)- whether it’s because you’re plateauing, need a jump-start, or need the last final push. So give it a try, report back to me- Monday is the start of an alcohol free week for me!

Yesterday’s food journal

Pre-workout coffee

Breakfast- 3 scrambled eggs with hot sauce & protein shake


Mid-morning snack- apple with 2 tbs peanut butter

Lunch- Salad

Green tea

Mid-afternoon snack- baby carrots & sliced cucumber with 2 tbs hummus, 2 wedges Laughing Cow light Swiss

Dinner- leftover stirfry with rice noodles, 3 squares of milk chocolate with peanut butter & jelly (it’s the last chocolate in my kitchen and I’ve had it since Thanksgiving!! Getting on the fruit train next week!) & 2 glasses Pinot Noir






Friday Favorites 3.17.17

Another week is over and what a doozy! Work has been crazy and I have made more moves to talk to real estate groups in the area to make sure I’m marketable once I get my license- I’m really excited to take back charge over my career and the sky is the limit! We leave for NYC tonight to see friends and eat amazing food and partake in the great culture of the city- I just wish it wasn’t going to be so cold and slushy! I dropped off my precious pup with the sitter this morning and she just breaks my heart- she literally whines like a dolphin’s squeak when I start washing out her water and food bowl. I brought down her carrier and she laid in it all morning next to her stuff while I got ready- it was so sad 😦 I already can’t wait to be reunited with her on Monday! Now onto my favorites:

Bota Box

Guys, don’t knock boxed wine. Just because we had exposure to Franzia in college doesn’t mean that all boxed wine tastes like super sweet fruit juice. Bota Box is my personal favorite- there are many different varietals, they taste really good, and it’s only $16-18 a box which is the equivalent of FOUR BOTTLES! It’s less wasteful and you don’t have to pick up a bottle every week. It stays fresher longer as well so you don’t have to feel pressured to finish a bottle once you open it.

Old Navy Workout Leggings

Lululemon is amazing. Truly. But my ass just cannot afford their clothes anymore. So one day I was in Old Navy, and I saw they had a sale on Activewear bottoms. I bought two pairs. And, guys, lemme tell you- they are the BEST. Their prints remind me of Lululemon and they fit tight to your body so you don’t have to worry about sagging or looseness but they also suck everything in to give you a great silhouette. They have crop styles, ones with mesh panels, ones with cut-outs, ones with reflective tape, hi-rise styles, super-pretty patterns and colors- god, I want to go run out and snatch up 5 more just talking about them! And the best part- none are over $30.

A Made Bed

I’m the worst at making beds. I never remember and I’m not very good when I do. But thanks to my OCD BF, I get to see a hotel-worthy bed every day and climb into one every night. How good are his skills??


And a not so favorite-

St. Patrick’s Day.

TBH, I’m a little wary about going out tonight in NYC. St Patty’s Day just brings to mind images of rowdy guys drinking green beer and taking Jagerbombs. No thank you. Like most holidays, the reason for the season has been lost and I’m kind of over it. I’d rather hunker down in a wine bar away from the “March Madness” if you will.

Alternative desserts

Has everyone cranked up their spice factor?? I dumped a bunch of Sriracha on my stir-fry last night and I definitely felt the burn!!

So today, we are going to discuss an alternative to eating chocolate every day. Let’s be real- while it is definitely something that fits in with a healthy lifestyle, sometimes you need to do just a little bit more to ditch those last few pounds or to supercharge your weight loss in the beginning. Even just cutting 10 calories a day can add up to weight loss, so this is an easy swap. Also, now that you’re (hopefully) only treating yourself with that chocolate at night, your cravings have gone down for other desserts! This is all part of the plan 🙂

So what can you have after dinner instead that will still satisfy that sweet tooth? Fruit! Fruit naturally is high in sugar and has that sweet taste that many of us desire after a meal. But because it’s a fruit and not a processed sweet, it also has beneficial uses to our body like fiber and potassium which helps us lose bloat by flushing out excess sodium and reducing water retention. Certain fruits, like pineapple and papaya, have enzymes that ease digestion by breaking down proteins so it moves through your system faster, which can also decrease bloating- all the more reason to end your meal with them! I have a feeling that once I get back from NYC I will need all the help I can get, so I will be switching out my chocolate stash for a fruit one!

It’s almost Friday everyone- what do ya’ll have planned for the weekend??

Yesterday’s food journal

Breakfast- oatmeal made with unsweetened almond milk topped with a spoonful of tahini, two chopped dates, some pecans, cinnamon and a tsp of maple syrup


Mid-morning snack- apple & 2 tbs peanut butter

Lunch- salad

Mid-afternoon snack- Greek yogurt with strawberries & flax

Dinner- pork, broccoli, cabbage and zucchini stirfry, half the 180 cal dark chocolate bar and 2 glasses of Pinot Noir



Likes it hot and nice and spicy!

Oh I love Cheap By the Dozen (you did recognize that quote right??) It probably stems from my quiet only child life and how I dreamed of having siblings. Now though I recognize how blessed I am to have been an only child (non-only children are also blessed- just differently) and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I definitely take after my dad’s penchant for spicy foods- my mom doesn’t even like pepper in her dishes.

And it turns out that’s a great thing! The natural substance in peppers that makes them spicy helps you use more calories, even when you aren’t doing anything. So stir red pepper in your tomato juice, use fresh peppers or seasonings in your meals, anything to crank up the heat and thereby, boost your metabolism! It’ll help cut your calorie intake but you won’t feel deprived. I find I can’t eat as much food when it’s spicy but I’m not hungry after- it just slows down my eating and makes me feel more satisfied. That’s why I put something spicy on my eggs in the morning! Every little bit counts.

I could have used a little spice this morning- it was IMPOSSIBLE for us to get to the gym. I don’t know what it is but it just seems that 5 AM is just not a normal time for us. Our bodies are not getting used to it. The worst part is if we wake up and then “snooze” until 6:30 we feel EVEN WORSE because we haven’t gotten a full sleep cycle in. I feel so much better when I go to the gym and I just need to keep reminding myself of that. It was brutal even getting up at 6:30 this morning- and it doesn’t help this is the coldest morning we’ve experienced yet in Charlotte. I feel like maybe if I could wake up at 5:30, get into work at 8:30 and leave at 5:30, my body wouldn’t reject it so hard but then my schedule would be off from the BF’s and as my gym buddy, we can’t have that happen!

I’m determined to get in tomorrow and Friday- NYC awaits and I plan on splurging on some sweet treats. Hey, vacation treats are allowed! If it was going to derail me completely- like I had 25 pounds to lose- maybe I wouldn’t plan on splurging as much. But this is my treat-yo-self weekend and I cannot wait to be back in the city I love!


Yesterday’s food journal

Pre-workout coffee

Breakfast- almond milk vanilla protein shake & 2 eggs with hot sauce


Mid-morning snack- Greek yogurt with strawberries & flax

Lunch- regular salad

Green tea

Mid-afternoon snack- almonds

Late-afternoon snack- Clif bar

Dinner- leftover jambalaya, half a 180 calorie dark chocolate bar (bought from a coworker for his kid’s school fundraiser) and a glass of Pinot Noir

Carb swaps

Ok guys, we’re getting into the heavy duty, tried-and-true weight loss strategies. If you’ve been following along, there are a few things that are probably happening.

  1. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you’re losing weight following these suggestions.
  2. If you have a little weight to lose, you’re losing weight but at a slower rate.
  3. If you have less than 10 pounds to lose, you’re probably maintaining or these tips are getting you back on track after a vacation or a binge-weekend.

But what if you’re trying to just look the best you can before a wedding or a spring break trip? Or you want to speed up your weight loss a little more because you’ve hit a plateau? Or this is the last 5 pound push? This is where we’re going to start pulling out the big guns.

I do not advocate completely cutting out food groups, unless you have an actual medical need for it, like you’re lactose intolerant or have Crohn’s or a gluten-sensitivity. However, swapping a higher-calorie food for one that is lower in calories but provides fiber, nutrients, and vitamins- well, that’s just a good weight loss strategy!

Carbohydrates like pasta and rice have the most calories per weight gram (besides fats)- so swapping them with vegetables (which are healthier carbs) is a great weight to rid yourself of that pasta-belly bloat. If you’re just used to having a carb on the side like a side of rice or pasta, swap that for a small salad or sauteed veggies. Spinach is a great versatile option that can be used both ways!

If you use them as a base, such as in a stir-fry or a pasta dish, there are so many ways to substitute! Have you guys tried cauliflower rice yet? Oh my goodness, you must! It is amazing. You don’t even know it’s not real rice- and if you don’t have a food processor to make it, you can even buy it frozen or prepackaged at grocery stores now! I tried it for the first time with this stirfry recipe and it came out so much better than I even imagined. It’s also what introduced me to PB2 powder!



Zoodles are another healthy swap- zucchini noodles! Now you can spiralize anything into a noodle- sweet potatoes, squash, peppers, onions, the list goes on! If you aren’t familiar with Inspiralized– get familiar! Speaking of squash- spaghetti squash! Another amazing pasta base swap. Last night, I made jambalaya and instead of rice used lentils. It was perfect! There are so many options out there right now but the key is to just think twice before you make a recipe and ask yourself how can I make this even better?

  • Swap wraps for collard greens
  • Swap buns for Portobello mushroom caps
  • Swap fries for baked or roasted starchy veggies
  • Swap lasagna noodles for zucchini or eggplant (I used this recipe a few weeks ago and it was a big hit!)
  • You can literally use cauliflower for just about anything. Buffalo wings, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pizza crust, rice- there are so many creative ways to repurpose this veggie!
  • Swap flour in pancakes for oatmeal or use the banana & egg trick (1 mashed banana & 2 eggs = pancakes. It’s magic! Add peanut butter if you’d like.)
  • And as noted above, swap noodles for spaghetti squash, zucchini, or sweet potatoes!

Mindful meal planning and concern for what you put into your body make all the difference. It may take a little time and extra effort but in the end it will be worth it, I promise!

Yesterday’s food journal

Pre-workout coffee

Breakfast- scrambled eggs with hot sauce & half water/half almond milk vanilla protein shake

Coffee at the office

Mid-morning snack- apple & string cheese

Lunch- standard salad

Green tea

Mid-afternoon snack- Low fat plain Greek yogurt with honey

Late- afternoon snack- KIND bar (never go to the grocery store hungry!)

Dinner- One Pot Shrimp Jambalaya Lentil Bowl, half of the 180 calorie dark chocolate bar and 1.5 glasses of Pinot Gris while watching The Bachelor finale! 


Graduation song

Monday is back again and I would normally say GO AWAY MONDAY but that means this week has started and I am one day closer to being in NYC! Although it’s supposed to be cold and we may have 2 feet of leftover slow to slog through- that part I’m not so excited for. That also means I have to crush it in the gym this week to make up for all the good eats I’ll be chowing down on! One day down- 4 more to go.

When I say “Graduation song”, what do you think of? Hopefully, the singer of it, Vitamin C. And Vitamin C is also a key component to weight loss! Exercisers who do not get enough vitamin C burn less fat during workouts because it helps produce an amino acid that helps you use fat for energy. If you’re not getting enough vitamin C, your body uses carbs or protein instead, which reduces the amount of fat you burn and also makes you feel tired quicker. So definitely get your vitamin C in daily! Great sources include: strawberries, red pepper, oranges, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, grapefruit, and guava. Looks like I know what I’ll be picking up at the grocery store today! I like to mix strawberries in with my yogurt (see yesterday’s post) and top it with flax for fiber and you’ve got a three-for-one punch. I include roasted red peppers in my salad but maybe I’ll switch to regular raw red peppers diced up for a change. Raw veggies retain their nutrients more than cooked veggies do. If you’re cooking these foods, the less water, the better, as water can cause the nutrients to leach out faster. Heat also causes nutrient-depletion. I prefer roasting my vegetables- it’s at a high heat but with minimal to no water. I also think they taste better than boiling or steaming.

Vitamin C doesn’t just help with weight loss- it also contributes to healthy immune function, great skin, and reduces your risk of stroke. So to boost weight loss and be healthier overall, keep up your vitamin C, fiber, and healthy bacteria intake!

Yesterday’s food journal

Breakfast/lunch- coffee, piece of whole wheat toast with 2 tbs peanut butter & banana with honey, 3 scrambled eggs

1 cider & 1 beer at two different bottle shops around town

Dinner- The BF and I went to Bang Bang Burgers (recently featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) because he had a gift card. We shared two burgers- a single Pimento cheese burger and a double Elvis burger which was on special as well as a side of fries. At home, I had half of a 180 calorie dark chocolate bar.


Add, don’t subtract

Oh Sunday. The most divisive of days, we meet again. How has everyone’s weekend been going? We went out last night and I definitely had too much to drink, oops! I was pretty hungover this morning plus daylight savings time didn’t help! But I did resist getting pizza like everyone else last night- even though it smelled so good. Working out today is going to be difficult…we’ll see if it happens. I did a cycling class yesterday and I finished 7th- a far cry from my #1 spot a week ago! To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the music. It was a lot of rap and it was kind of annoying when the instructor would yell “This is for you ladies!” and then it was a rap song by a guy talking about girls twerking or  something else sexist. I try to not be a part of the whole easily offended Milennial group, but when 90% of the songs were about sex and men taking advantage of women, it was hard to focus. 

How has everyone been doing with fiber intake? Remember, it’s important, not just for overall weight-loss, but to really keep you regular and get rid of that bloat that makes you FEEL like you weigh more than you actually do. Add more apples, citrus fruits, seeds, and beans into your diet for easy ways to add fiber. A SUPER simple way to boost your intake: Sprinkle chia seeds (found at health food stores) or ground flaxseed into yogurt or a smoothie. I love adding these ingredients to really anything I can, because it’s an easy fiber boost that doesn’t take much thought.

Another way to get rid of bloat and ditch those last 5 pounds is to add healthy bacteria. How do you do that you ask? Easy! Probiotics! A natural way to get probiotics is through yogurt and kefir. This is because they keep the balance of gut bacteria in check, making sure you don’t absorb more calories than you need to be. So make sure you’re eating yogurt at least a few times a week- I always throw a few Greek yogurts into my cart and make sure to finish them before I go grocery shopping the next time. And if you sprinkle flaxseeds into it- you have a two-for-one fiber & healthy bacteria punch! This plays really well into adding healthy snacks to your diet. I also take probiotic supplements in addition to eating yogurt.

Today when I go grocery shopping, I think I’ll add some kefir in there as well! Never hurts to try something new.

Yesterday’s food journal


Breakfast- 2 whole wheat waffles, 2 tbs peanut butter and a banana

Lunch- smoothie with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, scoop of protein powder, 2 tbs PB2 powder, 1 tbs chia seeds, 1 tbs flax, handful of spinach, 1 cup frozen fruit

Snack- package of frozen edamame (2.5 servings)

Dinner- Catfish and apple cabbage slaw, 2 dark chocolate strawberry squares

Alcohol- 1 glass of Pinot noir, 1 glass of Pinot Gris, a pear vodka cocktail, a can of Underwood Pinot Gris (about 1.5 or 2 glasses)