Missed the gym this morning. The pup woke us up twice last night- and I know it’s taking me longer to fall asleep because I’m NOT working out. First thing Saturday & Sunday is the gym, because I’m not giving up! I need to be held accountable! I’m also planning on making all my own meals this weekend- necessary after last weekend.

Cardio and core strengtheners are on the agenda (going to give reverse sit-ups and REAL push-ups a try)! I wish I had more time to vary my routine- I normally like cardio, strength training, and non-weight bearing exercises like spin, plus yoga to change things up and have fun.

New trick: Drink a whole glass of water before eating. You already know you need to drink a lot of water. But doing this right before eating will also fill your stomach a little so you don’t go in ravenous. Then once you finish your first serving, wait TWENTY MINUTES. The same goes when you’re at a buffet or during the holidays. If you are still hungry after twenty minutes, then have seconds. But give your body time to feel full.

Also, read your labels! You need to get really comfortable with reading labels and what to look for. A couple of the biggest things to look for are the sugar and sodium content. Unfortunately, they don’t separate out natural sugar from added sugar, so you’ll have to do some digging and look at the ingredient list. Women should only have 25 grams of added sugar A DAY. Look for words that end in -ose on the ingredient list. Luna bars for example have high sugar amounts- but the ingredient list is only a few ingredients and the sugar comes from the natural dates that they use as a base. For sodium, you should limit it to under 2,300 mg a day- which is still a lot!! If the sodium amount is great than the calorie count- look elsewhere.

This is another side tip that when my mom comes into town next month I’m definitely going to put into place- get the right fitting clothes!! If your clothes are too small, you are going to look like you are busting out of them. If your clothes are too big, you are going to look like you fill them up! So reward yourself with well-fitting clothes. It’s a great way to stay motivated. A tailor goes a long way and my wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade with the weight I’ve lost over the last few years.

How is everyone doing with the No Junk Food Challenge?? Remember- if are jonesing for sweets, there are substitutes to chocolate! Fresh and dried fruits are natural ways to get your sugar fix.

Hope everyone has a stress-free weekend! And if you aren’t- just breathe. And remember to get what you need!

Yesterday’s food journal

Breakfast- oatmeal with PB and banana


Snack- apple & 2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges

Green tea

Lunch- salad

Snack- KIND bar

Dinner- sweet potato and black bean quesadilla & 2 glasses of Pinot Noir


Fell off the wagon

Ok, ok. I broke my promise. My accountability person was very confused Monday when I hadn’t blogged since Thursday. And here is Thursday again.

The reason was because I had disappointed myself. And my imaginary audience of this blog.

I had the doughnut at the business dinner. I also do not regret it because unlike most overhyped things it was AMAZING AND DELICIOUS and if you live in Charlotte, get a group of 10 people (because it will legit feed that many people) and order it. Worth. It. (Stoke at the Marriott)

But then we had visitors come in. And it became just a 2.5 day eating & drinking binge.

  • Dinner at Haberdish Friday night, where we shared a pimento cheese ball (amazing), biscuits & bacon jam (delicious), a whole fried chicken (the best), sweet potato dumplings (excellent- highly recommend), charred okra, pickled coleslaw, and maybe a kale salad?
  • Afterwards, we went to Salud where I had a CAN of wine. That’s a thing now.
  • Brunch at Cafe Monte Saturday, where we shared five hot beignets and I got a Croque Madame.
  • Sandwich at Earl’s Grocery after the hike
  • Dinner at Soul Gastrolounge Saturday night- you will all die when I list all the food we ordered (and ate). Asian glazed pork belly tacos (these are a must if you come here, they’re probably the best thing on the menu), the “dirty south nachos” which are fried chicken skin chips with a pimento cheese fondue and jalepeno pickled okra (this is probably the 2nd most fantastic dish), sashimi tuna tacos (everyone else died over these, I did think they were pretty good), BBQ glazed pork belly stuffed shells & cheese (disappointing), a “Red Dragon Roll” (yes, they have sushi here), lemon chicken skewers (one of our party doesn’t eat pork or shellfish so was excluded from many of the options), grilled Caesar, grilled cheese (pretty incredible I thought), a duck banh fit (3 kinds of duck, including foie gras pate & duck confit on a banh mi style sandwich) and french fries with garlic-herb salt, pecorino and truffle oil (great and surprisingly large portion for the price). So don’t hate me but DO get to Soul ASAP. It’s arguably the best restaurant in Charlotte.
  • Had drinks at The Hop Shop and City Lights
  • Breakfast a Common Market Sunday morning. I got some kind of wrap with eggs, chorizo, pepperjack, black beans and corn.
  • Build You Own Bloody Mary bar at Ink & Ivy
  • After our guests left, the BF and I had a late lunch/early dinner at Diamond Restaurant where I got a “Po’Greek Boy” which wasn’t what I expected- basically a feta stuffed lamb burger. It was pretty good.

We did hike one day to the top of Crowder’s Mountain which was pretty challenging and strenuous. And we did a lot of walking both days (over 12,000 steps!) but I still felt gross by Sunday night (obviously- re-read above. Or, on second though, please don’t). Surprisingly, besides the doughnut, I didn’t really have any “junk food” (because we were too stuffed by the dessert course to have any) but I am resetting the Junk Food Challenge back to Monday anyways. So April 23 will be the last day (which will be tough- I’m home that weekend and have a bridal shower!)

After the weekend, I stocked up on healthy food (definitely one of those whoops moments in the grocery line when I saw the receipt) and prepped salads, snacks and sandwiches for my night classes. And I have gotten back on track- no drinking since Sunday, and all healthy meals and snacks. Since the class gets out so late (normally when I’m turning out the lights) and it’s 25 minutes away, I have not gotten into the gym. But my goal is to get in Friday-Monday the weeks I am taking this class. Minimum 25 minutes of cardio each day plus weight training.

I’m trying to get back into my tips and tricks. I know  I don’t really need to lose weight- but  I do want to gain muscle tone and lose some fat around my middle. I’m trying to ignore the scale as it’s not what I’m after- and I’m also trying not to be complacent just because I like my weight where it is (kind of). It isn’t the end-all, be-all measurement. I’m recommitting to carrying water everywhere, knowing my portions, and trying to ignore the voice in my head that says “Just order the pills in the back of the magazine!” (That is partially a joke- mostly because that voice was quieted in college when I actually did use diet pills for a year. They are not worth it- not only will you gain the weight back, they will screw with your metabolism and you will be up all hours of the night. Helpful for a college senior- not for an adult who knows better.)

It starts with one step. Like cutting out soda. But don’t deprive yourself.

What is my one thing I’m going to start working on today? Bettering my posture. I used to be a dancer and school teachers would always comment on how good my posture was in class. But now I’m just like the rest of the slumped over herd. Since I am sitting all day (at work and now also at class), good posture is better for a number of reasons. It helps with digestion by smoothing out the flow of your organs, it helps with back and shoulder pain and it also makes you look thinner instantly! Plus it helps develop core muscles, which is necessary for a lean look. There are all kinds of gizmos and gadgets that will remind you if you’ve slumped over or curved your shoulders too far. Sometimes just a reminder on your phone will do. Check in with yourself throughout the day and see if it’s something you can better!

Monday’s Food Journal

Breakfast- 3 egg omelette with shredded low fat cheddar cheese


Snack- strawberries with flax and low fat plain Greek yogurt

Lunch- Salad

Snack- Apple with peanut butter

Dinner- Sandwich on sprouted bread, natural sliced turkey, Havarti cheese, sprouts and mustard

Tuesday’s Food Journal

Breakfast- Banana almond smoothie


Snack- strawberries with flax and low fat plain Greek yogurt

Green tea

Lunch- salad

Snack- cucumber slices and baby carrots with sun dried tomato hummus

Dinner- Same sandwich above

Wednesday’s Food Journal

Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with low fat cottage cheese (if you haven’t tried this before, give it a shot, it’s pretty cool) and a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter

Lunch- salad

Snack- Popcorn

Snack- Pistachios

Dinner- Sandwich above