Caution: Serving sizes are smaller than they appear.

Hello fam! This morning was rough- we just could not make it to the gym. Even repeating to each other the reasons why we needed to- “We’re going out to dinner tonight”, “I can’t go tomorrow morning because I have a doctor’s appointment”, etc., it just wasn’t happening. So we bailed. And it happens. And we’re going to go to this supposedly delicious restaurant tonight and probably not eat healthily. But we will recover. We will move on.

How is everyone doing on water consumption? Yesterday I blew my gallon at the office out of the water. Today, I’m struggling a little bit but still getting it done!

One of the things I need to get better about doing is MEASURING EVERYTHING. I’m fairly good about it- I measured a half cup of cereal to use in my little trail mix snack today but peanut butter? Man, I pretend two heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter is “2 tablespoons” all of the time. And I know I’m incorrect. But doesn’t MORE peanut butter just taste better than less peanut butter? I think so.

So my tip here is to measure¬†everything- even if you think you can eyeball it, just measure it. Eventually you will know what a serving size looks like but this is such an easy way to keep a couple hundred extra calories from creeping up on you. Because those serving sizes are out to trick you- the other day I was looking at my pack of individually frozen tilapia fillets and a serving size is 2/3 of a fillet! I was so confused- I’m not gonna go chopping up fillets all over the place. But it was good to know. Drinks are the biggest culprit- one “individual” bottle can really have two servings! Nuts are another biggie- always measure or count them out. If you have cereal for breakfast, I can almost guarantee you are pouring more than the allotted serving size. Ice cream?? Who DOESN’T just eat the whole pint? That’s FOUR servings! And it’s not just calories you need to keep in check- sometimes it’s the sodium you need to watch out for. Maybe you’re fine if you have half a block of ramen noodles or half a can of soup- but if you eat the entire thing (which many people do) you are probably going wayyy over your sodium threshold (hence why both make you feel bloated).

Break out the measuring spoons and cups and keep them handy and USE THEM. I’m going to get back into this habit- even the foods I think I know how much is a tablespoon or a quarter cup. It’s all peace-of-mind!

Yesterday’s food journal

Pre-workout coffee

Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with hot salsa and a protein shake with almond milk


Mid-morning snack- banana with peanut butter

Lunch- regular salad without tomatoes or feta cheese

Green tea

Mid-afternoon snack- Greek yogurt with strawberries & ground flax

Dinner- finished off the spaghetti squash bolognese, 2 Ghirardelli dark chocolate strawberry squares and a glass of Pinot Noir while we watched Allied with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard (so good btw!)



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