Fall Things

So Autumn in Austin is crazy different than the Northeast- and not just because its still 80 degrees in November. There’s no fall foliage and there isn’t apple picking unless you want to drive 6 hours- the horror! To make up for the lack of apple picking (and therefore the lack of apple cider and apple cider donuts), I dragged the BF to Barton Hill Farms for pumpkin picking and a corn maze.


This place is ideal if you have children- which we do not. There are tons of activities for them. But we still had fun, playing corn hole, listening to the live band, getting lost in the corn maze, and picking out our pumpkins (however, they are not in a field, they are pre-picked). Oh and the barnyard animals! Come on, seeing little squealing pigs is always fun.


Despite the lack of fresh picked apples, I was not going to be deterred from making apple-based deliciousness. However, I’m trying to be as healthy as possible so I found this recipe for a low-cal version of apple pie- apple pie trifles (from Dashing Dish) that legit took ten minutes to make (just cut the apple pieces fairly small). It was awesome and got the BF’s seal of approval despite him not being the biggest sweets fan.


Other notes:

  • If you actually get large apples, I only needed 3 to make the 4 trifles
  • I used agave as the sweetener
  • I didn’t have pumpkin pie spice, so I doubled the cinnamon
  • I didn’t add any extra sweetener
  • I cheated and used Cool Whip (my grocery store is a little less than health-focused)
  • I used crushed low-fat graham crackers as the cookie layer

For the first big fall holiday (Halloween obviously), we carved the pumpkins we got at Barton Hill Farms. At first, we weren’t going to pick up kits- we were just going to go at them with knives and pretty basic designs. But the kits were super cheap at Wal-Mart and I’m glad we did. If you’re carving two pumpkins at the same time, definitely get a double kit or else it won’t be very fun waiting for the tools. We also both attempted pretty intricate designs- I did an owl (my sorority’s mascot) and he did a Day of the Dead sugar skull. I was always so intimidated by these kinds of designs but as long as you have some patience it’s not so bad! Our biggest rookie mistake- we carved them way too early (due to friend visits and his business travel plans). The humidity in Texas (coupled with a couple crazy storms) sped up the process. Next year, I will definitely be using bleach to make them last longer!


The last Halloween DIY I subjected the poor BF to was also Halloween related- making our costumes! We decided to go as Andy and Brandon from The Goonies- a movie we both love and grew up with. His costume was pretty simple- and mine just included some cutting of felt and gluing! Voila- a comfortable, cute, and not-slutty Halloween costume.

image5(3) image6

Stay tuned for more fall fun- I plan on making some more low-cal (and not) treats, subjecting the BF to more fun fall dates, surviving Thanksgiving without gaining weight, and navigating my way through my new ATX life (in my new car!)


2 thoughts on “Fall Things

  1. Joe Rossetti September 28, 2017 / 12:10 pm

    I have been looking for a Troy Goonies Jacket/Shirt for so long!!! It looks amazing! Can you tell me where you found it?? Btw I was googling the coat and this pic from 15′ came up. Ha ha thanks!



    • Montana Aydlett September 28, 2017 / 3:44 pm

      Hi Joe! I made it actually out of a yellow cardigan and some purple felt and fabric paint.


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