Odd Duck Brunch Review

One thing Austin isn’t lacking in is brunches. From breakfast tacos to high-end fare, it has you covered. A couple of weeks ago the BF and I decided to go the high-end route and try Odd Duck’s brunch. We had gone there for dinner on Valentine’s Day and still talk about how amazing the meal was.

What sets Odd Duck apart from most brunches is that it’s small plates- thereby it is more expensive than your usual brunch. Whereas you would normally need around 5-6 plates at dinner to fill you, at brunch 3-4 will do it. They do plate their dishes so nicely though you at want to order extra just to admire.

We made a reservation (definitely a must-do) and ended up getting seated in the same spot we did for Valentine’s Day- at the bar with a prime view of the kitchen. We think it’s the best seat in the house but it’s also kind of distracting- our conversation rotated a lot around what they were doing so if you’re trying to have a real serious conversation, maybe opt for outside on their beautiful patio. There’s lots of oohing and aahing and “oh we should have gotten that!”s when you look into the bustling kitchen. I also may have picked up a cooking technique or two.

We each got a pastry from the tray they carry around (shameless upsell by them) but then we really got started with their raisin toast topped with pork belly, peanut butter and jelly, a fried egg, a sprinkling of chunky blue cheese and what I believe was apple or pear slices. It was out of this world. I am a huge proponent of putting peanut butter on basically everything- burgers, ice cream, you name it. So this twist on a classic open faced egg sandwich had me raving.

Get in my (pork) belly
Get in my (pork) belly

Then we had a hash with a perfectly poached duck egg and cornbread plus some jalepeno for a little spice. We followed that with grilled quail accompanied by a fig relish and chile hollandaise. All superb. We rounded out the meal with something sweet- their vanilla bean French toast (soaked in coconut milk) with brown sugar syrup, a coconut crumble and a scoop of butternut ice cream. I don’t even like coconut (something about the texture gets me) and I loved every bit of this dish.

Perfectly poached
Perfectly poached
Quail- it's what's for breakfast
Quail- it’s what’s for breakfast

Sweet goodness

We hated it.
We hated it.

We pretty much can’t stop raving about this meal now either. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, do it at Odd Duck. If you just can afford to splurge on a good meal, do it at Odd Duck. We want to go back and get everything we didn’t get on the brunch menu now. Our waistlines and wallets, be damned.


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