Took a bite out of the Big Apple

This weekend I bid adieu to the city that I have called home for 3.5 years. The city where dreams are born and even bigger dreams are made. The city where I came an adolescent and leave an adult. New York City.

Hell's Kitchen

That’s right- after many break-ups, several roommates, a few jobs, too many late nights & empty bottles of wine, lots of tears and even more laughs- I am  going to [pay people to] load up a 16 foot moving truck and [have my poor boyfriend] drive down to Austin with my 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (this will take 2.5 days if anyone is curious).


Never in a million years did I think I would move off of the East Coast- but love has a funny way of making you do things you never thought you would. And after a year of long-distance dating, I am saying “NO MORE!”

Will I miss NYC? Of course! I currently live in the culinary capital of the country that holds more new discoveries that even a lifetime here can’t uncover. I can walk almost anywhere, see a Broadway show whenever [my wallet and] I please, and party until 4 AM (then find a 24 hour diner).

But to be perfectly honest, after all this time, I want to punch the slow-walking tourists in the face, desperately desire a car to do mundane errands, would really like to not have rent be the sole reason for my bankruptcy, and sadly, at 25, I can no longer club until 4 AM, down a slice of pizza, and be functional the next day.

So the next chapter- Austin, Texas & living with a significant other. I created this blog to chronicle my journey and adjustment. It will be a place for me to discuss everything and anything- podcasts I’m listening to, outfit & beauty advice, decorating, styling, & entertaining in my new apartment, recipes & restaurant reviews, travel tips, and exercise regimes. But the list is never ending!

If you would like to follow along, hop on the train! And any Southern Belles- give me some advice/tips! 4 days until lift-off!